IPATA Policy DogPolicies of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association

Policies are the guiding principles of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). Policies are compiled by the members of the Association and reviewed on a regular basis. The policies provide guidance on the practice of pet shipping and serve as the official stance for IPATA.

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IPATA Policies

Why Are Policies Needed?

Not only do policies provide guidance to pet shippers across the globe, but they provide IPATA with a unified message platform from which the Association can advocate for the profession on legislation, regulation, public outreach, and more. IPATA is often approached by legislators, governing bodies, the media and others interested in the Association's position on a certain issue.

Who Is Involved in the Policy Process?

Creating IPATA policy starts with a draft statement being circulated to the membership for comment. Every word within the statement is crafted by the members of IPATA. Final approval goes through the IPATA Board of Directors with a majority vote. All policies are reviewed on a regular basis and member comments are accepted all year long.

Policy-making is a dynamic process that must stay abreast of changing circumstances and needs of the profession. Policies are created or revised when the Association needs to establish or modify its position or take action on issues of importance to pet shipping. In addition to the ongoing evaluation of policies relevant to continued, emerging, or resolved issues, each policy has a five-year review cycle. If a policy is no longer relevant or necessary, it may be rescinded (eliminated).

What Other Topics Should We Address?

Do you have other topics that you would like IPATA to address? Please let us know