Brachycephalic Certification Program

The IPATA Brachycephalic Certification Program is an initiative in response to the difficulties encountered with the transport of Snub-nosed pets by air. The priority of this program is the safe and humane transport of these snub-nosed breeds.

Research by the IPATA R&D (Research & Development) Taskforce has identified the risk factors associated with the transport of snub-nosed pets. The primary risk factor is the presence and severity of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS).

IPATA has developed a “BOAS Fit-To-Fly assessment checklist” which guides a certified Veterinarian through the process of objectively assessing the overall health as well as specifically grading an animal with respect to their breathing ability.

Airlines participating in our program will accept in cargo, those animals that pass the IPATA BOAS Fit to Fly assessment.
It is expected the certification program will be fully implemented in early 2023.

In the interim, find below the list of current certified BOAS Vet assessors:

  • German Veterinary Clinic (UAE) – Dr. Katrin Jahn
  • Pets Abroad UK (UK) – Dr. Andre Cirone
  • Petexportvet (Hong Kong) - Dr. Gerry Pahl
  • Petwings (Peru) - Dr. Melisa Grisolle