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You have presented your pet for a Snub nosed Fit-To-Fly assessment. The assessor is an IPATA certified Veterinary surgeon.
Your pet will undergo a thorough clinical examination, in particular assessing the respiratory function but also looking at other risk factors such as obesity, temperament and any pre-existing significant medical conditions.

Does your pet suffer from any of the following diseases?

Heart or respiratory disease?
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Has your pet ever failed a Fit-To-Fly Assessment in the past?
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Travel crate conditioning

Has your pet been acclimated to the travel crate?
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Does your pet has any pre-existing medical conditions?
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Snub-nosed Breed Disclaimer

I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that any requirements pertaining to cage or transportation container size (ie. the animal must have sufficient room to stand up, turnaround and lie down without restriction) are met; and I will not hold the IPATA Pet Shipper liable for any losses, costs or expenses related to, or that may arise out of (directly or indirectly) the shipment of the animal.

I have been provided with information in regard to the higher risk of death during flight that is associated with animals that are categorized as brachycephalic breeds (short nosed). These breeds include: English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Persians, and others. I understand and I accept these risks in full. I will not hold the veterinarian who conducted the BOAS Fit to Fly Assessment responsible for injury/death that may occur with these breeds. I understand the transport of the animal by air has an inherently increased risk of mortality and that environmental conditions (i.e. temperatures and humidity) that may be encountered at origin, place of transit and destination, at time of carriage, can have a significant bearing on the well-being of the Animal/s health. I hereby release and indemnify International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, its servants and agents, from and against any and all liabilities, claims, proceedings, costs, losses, damages, charges and expenses which may arise out of, be connected with, or result of death, injury or disability to the animal during transportation.


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