IPATA Pet Shippers: Air and Ground

IPATA pet shippers are dedicated to the safe and humane transport of your pet.

Provides ground and air transportation services

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Moving a pet locally, nationally or internationally includes careful consideration of rules and regulations in the destination. Some countries do not accept certain pets or require quarantines. Using a pet shipping expert ensures that your pet or animal will arrive safely.

Ship your dog safely with this first stepThe best place to start your search for an IPATA pet shipping expert to help move your dog, cat or other animal is at the point of origin or destination on the directory by airport code or city and country under advanced options. Look up airport code

Second search for someone within the country you want to move your petIf there isn't an agent listed or the ones listed cannot help or don't provide the services you need, then look for other agents within the country.

Third contact any IPATA pet shipping expert and they may be able to help youAlternatively, contact any IPATA member to see if they can assist you even if they are not located at the point of origin or destination. If they cannot assist, maybe they can recommend someone who can.