IPATA Officers And Directors

International Pet and Animal Transportation Association 2018 Exec BoardWith more than 440 members from more than 84 countries, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association is an international network of professional pet shippers. IPATA members are the Pet Shipping Experts™ who provide the highest standard of care for animals, providing constant attention to their security, safety and well-being during travel.

In accordance with IPATA’s By-Laws, Officers and Directors serve three year terms. Assistant Regional Directors, are not part of the Board of Directors but are appointed and responsible for working with the Regional Director in their region toward developing more interaction with members and addressing industry concerns within the region.


President: Simon Jackson, Dogtainers / Australia
President Elect:Hazel Imrie, PETport / Africa
Past President: Derek Huntington, Capital Pet Movers / US
Secretary: Dr. Gerry Pahl, Petexportvet / Hong Kong
Treasurer: Dr. David Landers, Airvets Pet Relocation / US


Asia & Oceania: Joanne Lim, Ricted Kennels / Singapore
Middle East & Africa: Jim Davies, Snoopy Pets LLC / Dubai
Europe: Nick Foden-Ellis, Starwood Animal Transport Ltd / UK
The Americas: Bruno Mansueto, Worldwide Animal Travel / US


Karoline Brewer, Airpets America / US
Cory Baizan Robinette, Air Animal Pet Movers / US
Gina Nam, The First Class Pet / South Korea

Active IPATA Members

Each Active IPATA member is an experienced professional pet shipper, registered with the United States Department of Agriculture (or its international equivalent, if applicable), and adheres to the rules and regulations of the Animal Welfare Act and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations as they relate to the care and transport of family pets.

Associate IPATA Members

Associate IPATA members are registered within their own industry, are experienced providers of goods and services to the pet transportation industry and actively support the safe and humane transport of the family pet. IPATA members are dedicated to the humane care and handling of the family pet as it is transported and/or relocated.

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