Airline Associate Membership

IPATA is pleased to offer complimentary Associate Memberships to airlines!

IPATA Associate Members provide goods and services to the pet shipping industry. IPATA publicly promotes their services and products, facilitating interaction with our members and with other professionals in the pet shipping industry.

IPATA supports air travel for pets through commercial airlines cargo systems as being the safest, most expedient, and humane method of moving animals around the world, as well as through ground transportation when appropriate or necessary. We recognize the importance of airlines and the services they provide to the pet shipping industry. We appreciate the support airlines have shown IPATA over the years and feel it is vital to the industry that we strengthen relationships between our members and the pet shipping airlines.

Benefits of an IPATA Associate Membership:

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IPATA Members Are Great Customers

A survey, conducted in 2010 by an U.S. airline, showed that IPATA members spent as much as $10 million annually in cargo revenues with them. Total revenue for this specialty cargo product (live animals) is more likely to total $75-$100 million in annual revenues worldwide with all airlines (scheduled and charter), along with additional passenger revenues that are tied to the passengers who decide to fly the same carrier and/or flights as their pets, and we believe these numbers are very conservative.

Delta Cargo"Delta Cargo understands that pet owners and transport companies have many options in today's marketplace. As an Associate IPATA member since 2008, our customers benefit from our membership because we are able to provide them up-to-date information on live animal shipping requirements applicable to our global network." - Cyndi Brown, Live Animal Specialist, Cargo Global Services, Delta Airlines

Airline Associate Membership Application

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