International Pet and Animal Transportation Association Awards Ceremony 2018

Each year awards are given at the IPATA International Conference to companies that further the mission of IPATA in promoting the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals. Each award is only given when a truly deserving recipient is identified, not necessarily annually. The 2019 Awards Ceremony at the Chicago 40th Anniversary Conference was part of the "Puttin' On The Ritz Gala Event", held on the last evening of the conference. Recipients have no knowledge prior to the announcement that they will receive the award and surprise is evident in their faces as their names were called.


The Industry Partner Award recognizes a person, organization or company on behalf of some type of consultancy, business products or services that pushed the barriers within the industry. It is open to members and non-members of IPATA whose partnership with IPATA has resulted in improved welfare, improved business for IPATA members or enhanced ability to serve customers.

Heathrow Animal Reception Centre Receives 2019 Industry Partner Award

The Heathrow Animal Reception Centre is a division of the City of London. It serves as the Live Animal Border Inspection Post for Heathrow airport. Since 1977 HARC has been a world leader in the care of animals during transport. They care for millions of animals including fish, reptiles, zoo animals and pets. Each year about 16,000 dogs and cats, 400 horses, 200,000 reptiles, 2000 birds and 28 million fish arrive at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre.

IPATA Awards


The Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals whose lifetime body of work demonstrates dedication to the industry and to IPATA. This individual is of the highest integrity and worthy stature. This award is not mandated to be presented every year - only when someone has been identified as truly worth of recognition for their "lifetime body of work."

Colette Robe-Hughes, Goldenway International pets and Live Animals - France, Awarded the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

Ms. Robe-Hughes has dedicated her life to the humane, caring, and compassionate job of shipping pets. Her dedication and service to animals in transit—and to their owners—has always been and continues to be exceptional.

She is a very trusted pet shipping professional who was well-deserving of recognition for all the years of professional service and dedicated welfare she has provided to the animal industry.

IPATA Awards


The Best Operational Service Provider Award honors an individual that provides operational service that is consistent of an exceptional level and is an inspiration to the pet shipping industry and its members. The award recognizes an individual who exemplifies professionalism, empathy, compassion, efficient response, the accuracy of information, and customer service.

Worldwide Animal Travel, Awarded the 2019 Best Operational Service Provider

Always professional and thorough, Bruno and Pascal provide the very best assistance with every pet shipment, even last-minute requests are always handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Their devotion to customers, IPATA members, and to IPATA is exemplary.”

Worldwide Animal Travel is a full-service pet relocation company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario.

IPATA Awards


The Millie Woolf Award is presented in the memory of Millie Woolf, one of the six founding members of IPATA, who was a driving force that made IPATA the international network of professionals that it is today. Millie recognized the need for an organization that could provide education in the transport of household pets, and that unified companies into pooling their resources to provide the safest transport of these pets. Millie exemplified her phrase, "I gave it my best." The recipient must be a person, company or association who exemplifies "I Gave It My Best" by providing, supporting or developing opportunities that advance the professionalism of persons involved in the safe and humane transport to animals.

Bruno Mansueto, Worldwide Animal Travel, Awarded the 2019 Millie Woolf Memorial Leadership Award

Mansueto began his career working with an international freight forwarder as a junior agent in their air export department. He was then hired as a cargo agent with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It was with KLM that he became familiar with the air transportation of live animals. In 1998 he formed Worldwide Animal Travel and has grown the company based upon his love for animals.

Worldwide Animal Travel is a full-service pet relocation company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario.

IPATA Awards


The Excellence Award is given in recognition of an individual, company or organization that has made outstanding efforts to public service initiatives and/or who have contributed to the improvement of animal welfare with substantial impacts on humanitarian or animal welfare efforts.

Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo Animal Hotel Receives Excellence Award from World’s Pet Shippers

The Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo Animal Hotel at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the world's largest and most modern facility, designed especially for animals in transit. It is the only one of its kind in the world operated by an airline.

The Excellence Award recognizes outstanding efforts to public service initiatives and contributors to the on-going improvement of animal welfare with substantial impact to humanitarian or animal welfare. IPATA honored Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo Animal Hotel because of its outstanding service to customers and IPATA members alike. Questions are always addressed quickly and accurately and attention id given when either pets or pet owners have special needs. IPATA members and pet owners are well-assured that all animals are provided the best possible care.

Congratulations to all our wonderful IPATA pet shipping experts for improving the humane transport of animals worldwide!