IPATA Awards

Each year awards are given at the IPATA International Conference to companies that further the mission of IPATA in promoting the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals. Each award is only given when a truly deserving recipient is identified, not necessarily annually.

International Pet and Animal Transportation Association Awards Ceremony 2017The 2017 Awards Ceremony at the Dallas Conference was part of the "Black Tie and Boots Gala Event" held on the last evening of the conference. Prior to the name of each award recipient being announced at the event, they had no knowledge they would be receiving an award. Surprise was evident in their faces as their names were called.

At the 2018 IPATA Conference in Melbourne, Australia the first "Best Pet Shipping Airline" Awards will be given out!
Members will be able to vote for the best pet shipping airline within their region and from their region to each of the other regions in the world in each of five areas: communication, compliance with the LAR, pricing, reliability and transit care. Separate awards will be given to the best pet shipping airline in the Americas, Asia/Oceania, Europe and the Middle East/Africa region based on the IPATA member airlines with the most votes in each region.

The recipients of the NEW 2018 IPATA's Best Pet Shipping Airline Awards will be announced at the Icebreaker Reception at the 39th International Conference of Professional Pet Shippers in Melbourne, Australia on September 21, 2018.

The Industry Partner Award recognizes a person, organization or company on behalf of some type of consultancy, business products or services which pushed the barriers within the industry. It is open to members and non-members of IPATA whose partnership with IPATA has resulted in improved welfare, improved business for IPATA members or enhanced ability to server customers.

Air France/ KLM / Martinair Cargo
Air France / KLM / Martinair Cargo and the AVI Service Team were selected for the dedicated AVI services provided for IPATA's international pet shipping network and others in the animal transportation industry - from the beginning of the booking process, through delivery, to the final destination. The dedication of their airline in putting animal welfare first and is unsurpassed.

Robert Voorthuysen, International Sales Manager - Live Animals for Air France / KLM / Martinair Cargo received the award at the 2017 IPATA conference for pet shipping experts.

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo Industry Partner AwardPast Industry Partner Award Recipients:
Lufthansa Cargo
2015 Air France / KLM / Martinair Cargo
2014 IATA Live Animals and Perishables Board (LAPB)
Heahthrow Animal Reception Center (HARC)
2012 Fraud Watchers
2011 Lisa Meador Schoppa

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals whose lifetime body of work demonstrates dedication to the industry and to IPATA. This individual is of the highest integrity and worthy stature. This award is not mandated to present every year, but only when someone has been identified as truly worth of recognizing their "lifetime body of work."

Sally Smith
Sally Smith with Airborne Animals LLC received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. Sally has been a member of IPATA since 1991 and has served on the IPATA board as Secretary and President. She has chaired numerous committees, planned conferences and developed programs for pet shippers. Currently she serves as the IPATA Chair of the Education Committee and has worked many years teaching workshops, developing guidelines and leading the educational growth of the association.

At the 2017 conference, Janice Cipparrone from Pet Express was also awarded the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award since she was not able to attend the 2016 conference in Kuala Lumpur. Detail

Janice Cipparrone Pet Express Lifetime Achievement AwardPast Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:
2016 Janice Cipparrone of Pet Express
2015 Tim Harris of Manoir Kanisha
2014 Rosemary Filippelli of Worldwide Pet Transport
2012 Mike & Jean Parish of Par Air Services
2011 Dr. Walter Woolf of Air Animal, Inc. - Pet Moving Services

The Best Operational Service Provider Award honors an individual that provides operational service that is consistently of an exceptional level and is an inspiration to the pet shipping industry and its members. The award recognizes an individual that exemplifies professionalism, empathy, compassion, efficient response, accuracy of information, and customer service.

Biljana Dogtainers Australia
When we looked for a candidate who consistently provides exceptional operational service, Biljana Popandonova with Dogtainers Australia (HQ) overwhelmingly deserved the Best Operational Service Provider award. Bibi received more nominations that we have ever received for one nominee.

One nomination read "She is always friendly, bringing our clients in Australia calm and providing a very professional service all the time. She is unique in this business."

We are pleased to recognize Bibi for her service to the pet shipping industry and to her fellow IPATA members.

Dogtainers Best Operational Service ProviderPast Best Operational Service Provider Award Recipients:
Josh Kundrat of Pacific Pet Transport
2015 Dana Fanning of Animal Land, Inc.
2014 Cory Robinette of Air Animals INC
2013 Catherine Allaway of PetAir UK

The Excellence Award is given in recognition of an individual, company or organization that has made outstanding efforts to public service initiatives and/or who have contributed to the improvement of animal welfare with substantial impacts to humanitarian or animal welfare efforts.

Excellence Award
Kiki Chen of Worldcare Pet Travel has definitely left her mark on communities throughout China. Her passion for the well-being of cats and dogs has been that of legend. She goes to extraordinary lengths to rescue animals. One particular story "Bring Gobi Home" became news across the nation where Kiki helped a marathon runner find a stray dog that had followed the runner throughout a 155 mile course. Just prior to the conference the book "Finding Gobi" by Dion Leonard was released; other books are pending and there is talk about making a movie about this saga.

Kiki Chen Worldcare Pet Travel IPATA Excellence AwardPast Excellence Award Recipients:
2015 Adopt a Golden Atlanta

2012 Dogtainers Australia
2011 Petfly
2008 Continental Airlines
PetSafe Program

The Millie Woolf Award is presented in the memory of Millie Woolf, one of the six founding members of IPATA, who was a driving force that made IPATA the international network of professionals that it is today. Millie recognized the need for an organization that could provide education in the transport of household pets, and that unified companies into pooling their resources to provide the safest transport of these pets. Millie exemplified her phrase, "I gave it my best." The recipient must be a person, company or association who exemplifies "I Gave It My Best" by providing, supporting or developing opportunities which advance the professionalism of persons involved in the safe and humane transport to animals.

Gay O'Brien Millie Award
Gay O'Brien with O'Brien Animal Transportation & Services was selected to receive the prestigious Millie Woolf Memorial Leadership Award from IPATA. Gay has always been a leader in the association. Having served as the IPATA President, she showed a willingness to work, sacrifice and the ability to be selfless with her time when dealing with IPATA and the general welfare of animals in the shipping business. Her leadership in running conference workshops has helped many learn new ideas, embrace changes and enhance professionalism. Truly Gay knows how to lead by example and can say "I Gave It My Best."

Gay O'Brien Animal TransportationPast Millie Woolf Memorial Leadership Award Recipients:
2016 Jack Russo Bobbi's World
2015 Simon Jackson of Dogtainers Australia (HQ)
2014 Derek Huntington of Capital Pet Movers
2013 Sally Smith of Airborne Animals, LLC
2012 Don Uyeno of WorldCare Pet Transport
2011 Manuel Leunda of Las Lunas
2010 Luz Maria Farias of Interfamily
2009 James Nelligan of Pacific Pet Transport
2008 Sally Smith of Airborne Animals

Congratulations to all our wonderful IPATA pet shipping experts for improving the humane transport of animals worldwide!