International Pet and Animal Transportation Association Awards Ceremony 2018

Each year awards are given at the IPATA International Conference to companies that further the mission of IPATA in promoting the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals. Each award is only given when a truly deserving recipient is identified, not necessarily annually. The 2023 Awards Ceremony at the Dubai Conference was part of the "Under the Desert Moon Event", held on the last evening of the conference. Recipients have no knowledge prior to the announcement that they will receive the award and surprise is evident as their names were called.


The Industry Partner Award recognizes a person, organization, or company on behalf of some type of consultancy, business products, or services that pushed the barriers within the industry. It is open to members and non-members of IPATA whose partnership with IPATA has resulted in improved welfare, improved business for IPATA members, or enhanced ability to serve customers.

Gulf Air Bahrain Awarded the Industry Partner Award for 2023

Gulf Air Bahrain was awarded the Industry Partner Award for 2023 at IPATA's 2023 International Conference in Dubai. "

“Gulf Air Bahrain continually goes above and beyond, creating new procedures and ensuring all pets fly compliant,” says Hazel Imrie, IPATA President. “To improve the welfare of animals in transit in the Bahrain Airport, a collaboration between Bahrain Airport Services and a local member was formed. Now, ground staff are more aware of the various needs of AVI and the importance of crate compliance.”

Gulf Air Bahrain, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, launched its operations in 1950 as the first commercial airline established in the Middle East. It operates scheduled flights from Bahrain International Airport to cities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and the Far East, with a fleet consisting of large and small Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Skytrax awarded it the 2022 World's Most Improved Airline.

IPATA Awards


The Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals whose lifetime body of work demonstrates dedication to the industry and to IPATA. This individual is of the highest integrity and worthy stature. This award is not mandated to be presented every year - only when someone has been identified as truly worthy of recognition for their "lifetime body of work."

IPATA honored Jeni Redmond of with the Lifetime Achievement Award at its 2023 International Conference in Dubai.

IPATA’s Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to IPATA or the safe and humane transportation of pets.

“As a former IPATA Board Member and a team leader to fellow pet shippers, Jeni has dedicated her life to animal welfare and has made this a priority in all that she does,” says Hazel Imrie, IPATA President. “She has high ethical standards, doesn’t cut corners, faces challenges head on and provides sound advice to team members, putting the pets’ needs first and foremost.” is registered with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as an intermediate handler, and its members continually stay abreast of updates in the ever-changing regulations and requirements of airlines, the USDA and the countries they ship to. With over 10,000 relocation originations and assists spanning millions of miles flown and thousands more driven, has become one of the planet's premier household pet relocation companies.

IPATA Awards


The Best Operational Service Provider Award honors an individual that provides operational service that is consistent at an exceptional level and is an inspiration to the pet shipping industry and its members. The award recognizes an individual who exemplifies professionalism, empathy, compassion, efficient response, accuracy of the information, and customer service.

Chris Filippelli Recognized with 2023 Best Operational Service Provider Award at IPATA International Conference

IPATA recognized Chris Filippelli of the World Wide Pet Transport team with the Best Operational Service Provider Award at its 2023 International Conference in Dubai.

“Chris is responsive to pet shippers and their clients and is always willing to go the extra mile,” says Hazel Imrie, IPATA President. “I continually receive extraordinary feedback about him going above and beyond the call of duty. Chris’s outstanding communication skills are appreciated and have had a positive impact on our industry.”

World Wide Pet Transport, the premier, all-inclusive pet moving service has been safely relocating families, domestically and globally, since 1975.

IPATA Awards


The Millie Woolf Award is presented in memory of Millie Woolf, one of the six founding members of IPATA, who was a driving force that made IPATA the international network of professionals that it is today. Millie recognized the need for an organization that could provide education in the transport of household pets, and that unified companies into pooling their resources to provide the safest transport of these pets. Millie exemplified her phrase, "I gave it my best." The recipient must be a person, company, or association that exemplifies "I Gave It My Best" by providing, supporting, or developing opportunities that advance the professionalism of persons involved in the safe and humane transport of animals.

IPATA Recognized Dr. Gerry Pahl with Millie Woolf Memorial Leadership Award at Annual International Conference

“Gerry’s leadership of IPATA’s R&D Task Force is exemplary,” says Hazel Imre, IPATA President and colleague. “He has been instrumental in working with this task force, stakeholders and the airlines to promote the developed ‘Fit-to-Fly’ program. He constantly pushes the program forward, developing the certification program for pet shippers and veterinarians. He is dedicated to the recruitment of airlines to encourage them to take certified snub nose pets and is paving the way for industry acceptance. Gerry truly exemplifies Millie’s ‘I Gave It My Best.’”

Dr. Pahl is a professional veterinarian with over 25 years of experience and the Managing Director of PetExportVet, one of Hong Kong's leading veterinary clinic chains.

IPATA Awards


The Excellence Award is given in recognition of an individual, company, or organization that has made outstanding efforts to public service initiatives and/or who have contributed to the improvement of animal welfare with substantial impacts on humanitarian or animal welfare efforts.

Dr. Melisa Grisolle Awarded Excellence Award at IPATA International Conference

“Melisa’s colleagues applaud her work with the Brachycephalic (BOAS) Research and Development Committee,” says Hazel Imrie, IPATA President. “She is a tremendous asset to animal welfare and her excellent communications skills translate the importance of the application of the certification among veterinarians, as well as ensuring that airlines will allow the shipment of more breeds.”

PetWings Peru, a veterinary team dedicated to relocating animals to all corners of the world, is the only company in Peru that offers comprehensive services covering travel logistics, transportation, accommodations, health procedures and veterinary supervision throughout the entire process. With only six years of experience, it has transported hundreds of pets worldwide, and its sole motivation is its love for animals. Our utmost concern is your pet's well-being during the journey and ensuring compliance with all necessary health and documentation requirements for your beloved companion’s travel.

Congratulations to all our wonderful IPATA pet shipping experts for improving the humane transport of animals worldwide!