Government Associate Membership

Complimentary Associate Membership to Government Contacts!

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association is an international trade association with over 350 members in more than 80 countries. Our members rely heavily on the services and products provided by people and companies involved in transporting family pets—drivers who transport the pet, veterinarians, boarding kennels, quarantine facilities, and airlines. Our members keep abreast of both domestic and international regulations governing the transport, import, and export of animals and work diligently to meet those requirements.

Our members rely on our Country Profiles for information on the government regulations in more than 200 countries, contact information for government agencies responsible for animal welfare and health, samples of required forms, and a list of both IPATA members and non-member agents who can provide pet transport services.

As a professional involved in regulating and enforcing health and welfare requirements for pets being imported into your country, we cordially invite you to join IPATA as an Associate Member — at no expense to you.

As a Government Member you would receive:

  • Access to Country Profiles >

  • Subscription to Email Groups >

  • Direct link to IPATA >

  • Group Email Participation >

  • Company listing in IPATA Membership Directory >

  • Discounted Rates >

Membership in IPATA would be a win-win relationship for you and for IPATA. It puts you in direct contact with the professionals most intimately involved in preparing animals for global transport. And it gives us and our member's direct information from the government representative who is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of animal health and welfare regulations in your country.

IPATA is honored to offer you an Associate Membership at absolutely no charge!

Government Associate Membership Application

Please email our with any questions regarding IPATA or the government membership.