The regional meetings provide an opportunity to unite IPATA members in each region around a common set of goals and values while fostering a shared understanding of how the parties can work together as a team toward the betterment of the pet shipping industry. After a regional meeting is held a summary of the meeting and attendee list will be posted in the IPATA Members Only Section under the Regions once it is received from the Regional Director.


Registration for the conference is for members only. Applications for membership must be received in time to process before the conference.
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Visa Requirements

Please note: Many countries require a visa for visitors.
Please see this website to see if you will need a visa for the next meeting.

Each meeting attendee is responsible for insuring they have a visa authorizing them to travel to the country where a meeting is being held. IPATA is not responsible nor liable for travel being denied due to the lack of the appropriate visa and any registration fees paid will not be refunded. However, an attendee may register for a meeting and if the consulate or embassy denies their visa prior to the start of their travel, then a refund of registration fees may be possible.

Information on Registration and Hotel Links are coming soon. Members will need to log-in to access.

LAM/NAM - March 4
Miami, Florida, USA

ASIA/OCN - March 11

EUR/MEA- April 4