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Calendar of Industry Events

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2018 Click on an event for more detailed information.
March 23
  • IPATA European (EUR) Regional Meeting >
April 5-7
April 8
  • ATA - Animal Transportation Association Annual Conference
April 26-27
  • IPATA Board of Directors Meeting
May 15-17
  • 40th Live Animals and Perishables Board (LAPB) Meeting
Sept 21-25
  • IPATA International Conference (Melbourne, Australia USA) >
Oct 4-8
  • IAM 56th Annual Meeting (Washington, DC USA) >
Oct 17-19
  • ERC Global Workforce Symposium (Seattle, Washington USA) >
2019 Click on an event for more detailed information.
Nov 1-5
  • IPATA 40th Anniversary International Conference (Chicago, Illinois USA) >
Oct 3-6
  • IAMS 57th Annual Meeting (Chicago, Illinois USA) >
Oct 16-18
  • ERC Global Workforce Symposium (Boston, Massachusetts USA) >
2020 Click on an event for more detailed information.
  • IPATA International Conference (Frankfurt, Germany) >
Oct 28-30
  • ERC Global Workforce Symposium (Washington, DC USA) >
IPATA Regional Meetings

The regional meetings provide an opportunity to unite IPATA members in each region around a common set of goals and values, while fostering a shared understanding of how the parties can work together as a team towards the betterment of the pet shipping industry. After a regional meeting is held a summary of the meeting and attendee list will be posted in the IPATA Members Only Section under the Regions once it is received from the Regional Director.

IPATA International Conference

IPATA Melbourne Australia Conference for professional pet shippersIPATA International Conference - 2018
Melbourne, Australia Sept. 21-25, 2018

IPATA International Conferences IPATA has been holding an annual conference each year since it was formed in 1979. The topics may change as the pet shipping industry changes but the purpose is always the same - to share, to learn and to network - vital keys to providing more professional services to our clients and the pet shipping industry.

The IPATA Conferences have members attending from all around the globe.

Conference registration includes:
Attendance at the Icebreaker Reception on Friday evening Lunches and morning/afternoon breaks
Attendees have access to all of the presentations during the conference Annual Meeting
Gala Event on Tuesday night which includes the Awards presentations, Dinner, and More Handouts from the speakers (when available)
Networking is encouraged through open forum discussions and activities.
Face to Face (one-on-one) appointments with airline representatives and other vendors.
Sharing of brochures and other company materials among conference attendees.


Registration for the conference is for members only. Applications for membership must be received in time to process before the conference.
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