Airline Awards

Best Shipping Pet Airlines Recognized by IPATA!

IPATA recognizes the importance our airline partners play in the transport of family pets. IPATA members publicly recognize their top choices as the Best Pet Shipping Airlines in each region. Members vote for the airline within their region and then FROM their region to each of the other regions in the world in each of five areas:

  • Communication
  • Compliance with the LAR
  • Pricing
  • Reliability
  • Transit Care

Separate awards are given to the best pet shipping airline in the Americas, in Asa/Oceania, in Europe and in the Middle East/Africa regions based on the IPATA member airline with the most votes in each region.

Pets have become an essential part of many families, however when faced with relocation, moving beloved pets safely can be a daunting task. Fortunately, professional pet shippers are available to help move all breeds of pets, no matter where they are going.

Airlines play a crucial role in the transportation process, serving as a vital partner in ensuring pets are transported safely and efficiently.

IPATA is the global network of professional pet shippers, with members in over 90 countries serving more than 700 airports around the world. There were over 300 attendees representing 177 different companies or organizations from 46 countries in attendance as they honored award winners at IPATA’s annual conference held in Dubai, UAE.

Members are asked to vote on the best pet shipping airline within their regions based on the airline reliability, value for money, communication and how well they comply with the regulations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations (LAR).

The safe and humane transport of all animals is a top priority for the professional pet shipper and the airlines involved.

“IPATA is thrilled to recognize Lufthansa Airlines and Emirates Sky Cargo for the quality of pet transportation services they provide to our industry,” says Hazel Imrie, IPATA President. “We are pleased to have them as long standing and engaging members of our association, which truly demonstrates their commitment to collaborating with professional pet shippers worldwide. We express our gratitude for their dedication to the pet shipping industry."

IPATA applauds the following member airlines that are truly exceptional in the quality of pet transportation services they provide to our industry.

Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates Sky Cargo Receives Best Pet Shipping Airline Award for the Americas, Middle East/Africa and Asisa/Oceania Regions for the 3rd Year in a Row from Industry Experts


Photo: (left to right Hazel Imrie, IPATA President, Sayed Harris, Emirates Sky Cargo Manager - Global Products & Commercial Development, Simon Jackson, IPATA Past President.

Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Airlines Receives Best Pet Shipping Airline Award for the European Region 3rd Year in a Row from Industry Experts

Lufthansa Airlines

Photo: (left to right) Simon Jackson, IPATA Past President, Hazel Imrie, IPATA President, Marco Klapper, Lufthansa Cargo Senior Manager Industry Development and Dennis Oestreich, Lufthansa Cargo