IPATA Board of Directors

Derek HuntingtonDerek Huntington
IPATA President (2015 - 2018)
Company: Capital Pet Movers

Derek was born and raised in New York City, but moved to Maryland in 1986. He attended college at Howard Community in Columbia, MD in pursuit of a degree in Music Education. In 1994, he came to the pet care industry and started as a driver transporting pets to and from residences and airports. During this time, he also started showing Dalmatians after he adopted his first dog, “Sterling”, from the breeder/owner of Shady Spring Kennels.

In 2002, he became active in pet and animal relocation and attended his 1st IPATA conference in Washington DC. After that, he began attending the IPATA conferences every year to continue learning. As the pet travel industry became busier, he saw that there was a need for an agent in the Washington DC area and began creating Capital Pet Movers. Derek was elected to the IPATA Board of Directors in 2008 and as IPATA President from 2015-2018.

Some of my goals are to promote safe air travel while educating the public, dispelling some of the myths of air travel and providing good tools of education for our members. Working together and understanding shipping worldwide is paramount to its success.

Simon JacksonSimon Jackson
President Elect
Treasurer, serving since 2012
Company: Dogtainers Australia

Simon spent his childhood growing up in Australia in the Sunshine state of Queensland. Exposed to farms and many animals at a young age Simon grew to love and nurture animals and decided to set the ‘Gold’ standard in superior pet boarding services and Pet Transportation. Simon now owns some of the largest Pet Boarding facilities in Queensland with kennels able to house over 700 Dogs and 300 Cats across 4 locations and 150 Arce’s of land.

Simon went on to run and manage the largest franchise operation in pet transport in Australia, current estimations is that Dogtainers transports over 1,500 Animals each week both interstate and internationally.

Elected to the IPATA’s Board of Directors and as Treasurer for IPATA , Dogtainers Australia CEO Simon Jackson is celebrating 17 years in the Global Pet Transport industry. Dogtainers is a 44 year old company and is arguably a market leader and one of the most experienced companies in Australia in the safe relocation of pets globally.

Simon worked operationally as a pet transport consultant for the first 13 years in the industry with Dogtainers. Currently Management responsibilities for the ten Dogtainers officer throughout Australia finds Simon mixing Pet Transport with Management of the business and the team of 70 staff Australia wide.

Simon’s passion and commitment for the relocation of animals safely is the reason his business has become a globally well-respected industry leader.

Manuel LeundaManuel Leunda
Past President (2012 - 2015)
Company: LATAM Pet Transport

Manuel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has spent his entire career in the pet industry. He started training dogs in 1986 and later opened a large kennel in the Buenos Aires suburbs. Providing luxury services, the kennel is still in operation at the same location, with capacity for 240 dogs and 25 cats.

Several years ago a client asked Manuel to move a pet to the United States, and that was his first step into the pet shipping business. After years of shipping pets, las lunas joined IPATA in 2004. Since then, pet shipping services has become the main focus for Manuel. las lunas has expanded into several other Latin American countries and is now part of LATAM Pet Transport. Manuel Leunda runs las lunas from the main office in Argentina and can provide services through their local offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Jeni RedmondJeni Redmond
Secretary, serving since 2012
Company: petsfly.com, a division of The Pet Chauffeur

Jeni grew up in rural Colorado on a small farm with a plethora of farm animals and always owned family dogs and cats, which is where her love of animals began. She attended Metropolitan State College of Denver and graduated with a BS in Aviation Management. Combining her two passions into one company, she opened The Pet Chauffeur in 1995.

In 2000, the business expanded to add offices in Dallas and Salt Lake City and was re-branded to Petsfly.com. 2003 brought growth again, when Redmond relocated to Arizona and opened up a Petsfly.com office in Phoenix. She has established strong relationships with many local agencies involved in the pet moving process, including veterinarians, boarding facilities, airlines, as well as the ground handling and cargo agents who handle the pets for the airlines. Through years of experience and communication, Jeni is well known to pet relocation agents around the world, with thousands of relocations under her belt. She frequently consults veterinarians on requirements for overseas travel of pets. Her mission is helping to keep families together.

Joining IPATA in 1997, she has served the organization in many capacities, including Treasurer, three time Conference Committee Chair and on the Ethics Committee. She has been on the Board of Directors for a total of 12 years and is the current Secretary of the organization.

She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Geoff, who joined her in business operations in 2006. They are the proud parents of three kids, two dogs and three cats.

IPATA Regional Directors

GinaGina Nam
IPATA Regional Director, Asian Region / Asia and Oceania (2014-2015)
Company: The First Class Pet

Since she was a child, Gina has wanted to be a dog trainer and work with animals. She got her start with a freight forwarding company where she handled pets, zoo animals, general cargo, exhibition goods, and more. In 2011, she launched her own company, The First Class Pets, and is excited to meet new pets and help them travel safely.

Her dream is to share experiences of the pet travel industry in order to make society more pet-friendly. She hears from many people that she runs a "delivery" company and wants more people to understand the importance of pet shipping.

Last year Gina served as IPATA Assistant Regional Director for Asia. She has also volunteered for Pet Care Center, a U.S. Military base since 2011.

Jim Davies Snoopy PetsJim Davies
IPATA Regional Director, Middle East/Africa Region (2017-2020)
Company: Snoopy Pets LLC

A pet owner for most of his life, Jim is originally from Manchester in the UK. He has experience working all around the UK, Europe and the Middle East. With a background in Outdoor Media and operational management he has previously specialised is the development of start-up companies and for over 30 years has worked with Government and Municipalities in both the UK and the Middle East.

In 2013 Jim, along with his wife Lindsey who was already working for Snoopy Pets, decided to buy the company and build their own dream. The first decision they made was to have the company join IPATA and engage in the standards and ethics of the organisation. Since joining he has attended all international and some regional conferences.

Originally from a little shop doing relocation they now have 2 offices in the UAE and independent, kennels, cattery, pet taxi and grooming services.

In such a multicultural, environmentally demanding and transit location, our ongoing challenges are to educate and promote safe relocation in all modes of pet transport both internationally and throughout the UAE.

Jack RussoNick Foden-Ellis
IPATA Regional Director, Europe (2015-2016, 2016-2019)
Company: Starwood Animal Transport Ltd. UK

Nick was born and raised in England, but with a father in the oil industry has lived as far afield as Scotland, the USA, the UAE, France, Germany, Hong Kong & Australia to name just a few countries.

Pet mad from an early age, Nick finally moved in to pet relocation in 2011 and immediately attended IPATA Hong Kong to learn as much as he could as quickly as possible. Nick joined Starwood Animal Transport Ltd (UK) in May 2014 as co-owner and chief dog runner!

Nick is a firm believer in the goals of IPATA as the professional body representing our great industry. Having previously served on the Awards Committee, Nick is honored to have been selected to serve as the Regional Director for the EU

Bruno Mansueto Worldwide Animal TravelBruno Mansueto
IPATA Regional Director, The Americas (2017-2020)
Company: Worldwide Animal Travel

Bruno Mansueto, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1985 with a DIP. Of TECH in Transportation Management. Upon graduating, Bruno relocated to Toronto and began working with a small freight forwarder as a junior in their export department; transferring back to Vancouver in 1987, continuing to build experience as a freight forwarder until 1988 at which time Bruno was hired on as a cargo agent with KLM.

During his time with KLM, he was introduced to the transport of live cargo including small animals, blood stock and livestock. After 9 years he took his live cargo background and joined a freight forwarder under an 18-month contract transporting livestock by air from Canada to Japan and Germany.

Contract work continued with Lufthansa in Vancouver and various other airlines, ultimately leading to the formation of Worldwide Animal Travel in 1998. Since then, this small organization has expanded to include 12 employees and 2 offices in Canada.

IPATA Directors at Large

Melisa Grisolle PetWings PeruDr. Melisa Grisolle
Director at Large, IPATA (2015-2018)
Company: PetWings Peru

Melisa's mom says that she wanted to be a Vet since she learned to speak. Why? Because she just love animals!

Melisa finished school in 2005 and opened a Vet diagnostic lab. In 2009, a Spanish couple came into the lab asking for help to send some blood to the USA for the rabies titer test so they can take their just rescued dog to Spain. This was the first time that she was involved in the paperwork for taking pets into the European Community. After doing this for a period of time she saw a lot of problems for her clients because they were not able to wait the 3 month period. So she started to ship their pets. Now they have moved from where they started and opened boarding facilities, offering complete veterinarian services.

Melisa has a husband and 2 kids - Tarek (5 years old) and Aitana (6 months) - and a Labrador “Tomato”. (She loves tomatoes so that became her name!)

She joined IPATA (2013) because she wanted to learn the most she could about this business to do it properly. But in reality, this has become a passion for Melisa. She really enjoys meeting the families that are traveling and being able to help them with the traveling of their pets.

Cory Baizan RobinetteCory Baizen Robinette
Director at Large, IPATA (2016-2019)
Company: Air Animal Pet Movers

Cory graduated from the University of South Florida / Tampa with a Bachelor Science in Zoology. She worked in the Conservation Education Department at Busch Gardens/Tampa talking with guests about various animals via the sidewalk program, setting up the Summer Kids Camp sessions and running the petting zoo.

Cory started at Air Animal in February 1990 at the front desk reception area working mainly on the Woolf Animal Hospital side while assisting her colleague with USA domestic pet moves. After a short break and implementing a children's summer camp program at the Lowery Park Zoon/Tampa, she returned to Air Animal reception on the veterinary hospital side, domestic moves, and international moves. From 2007 onwards, Cory became the Office Manager at Air Animal Pet Movers and continued working on Corporate Global International Pet Relocations on a full time basis.

Cory's priority is getting pets to their new homes safe and sound with as little stress on them and their parents as possible. She takes care of her two cats Catillac and Kramer and loves visits from her grand dog Bentley and grand cat Ezio whenever possible!

With extensive experience of 29 years in pet relocaions all over the world and relationships in the global market, Cory is a benefit for IPATA's future goals and progress.

Dr Gerry Pahl PetexportvetDr. Gerry Pahl
Director at Large, IPATA (2015-2018)
Company: Petexportvet

Dr. Pahl is a Veterinarian/International pet shipper based in Hong Kong. He graduated from The University of Sydney Veterinary school (1986) and has wide experience in both large animal and small animal clinical practice. In addition to his pet shipping company, PetExportVet (HK), Dr. Gerry is also Owner/Director and Clinic Manager of a busy chain of Veterinary hospitals in Hong Kong. His clinical interests include small animal surgery, Animal dentistry and care of exotic species.