IPATA Board of Directors

Simon JacksonSimon Jackson
IPATA President (2018-2021)
Company: Dogtainers Australia

Simon was raised on a farm with cattle, sheep and wheat farming in Australia in the Sunshine state of Queensland. At a young age, he grew to love and nurture animals. He decided to set the ‘Gold’ standard in superior pet care/boarding services and pet transportation as a life goal.

Pet Care and Boarding Facilities: As part of a variety of animal-related businesses, Simon now owns and runs four pet care/boarding facilities in Queensland Australia with facilities able to care for on a daily basis 900+ dogs and 400+ Cats on hundreds of acres of land.

Pet Transport Companies: Simon now owns and runs the largest franchise operation in pet transport in Australia and New Zealand, transport over 1,000 animals each week both interstate and internationally through its 15 offices. Currently, CEO management responsibilities for the 15 Dogtainers offices finds Simon mixing pet transportation with the management of the business and the team of 70 staff Australia/New Zealand wide. Today, Dogtainers Pet Transport is a 47-year-old company and is arguably a market leader and one of the most experienced companies in Australia in the safe relocation of pets globally.

Livestock Logistics: Stockair - Simon’s livestock logistics business - was created in 2003 to achieve the same focus of “GOLD STANDARD” care and relocation. Stockair is now Australia’s largest facilitator of export of livestock by air currently exporting on an annual basis, approximately 50,000 goats, 20,000 sheep, 9,000 dairy & beef cattle, 250 equines (horses/donkeys), 2000 alpaca and 50 camels.

Pet Crate Manufacturing: JSJ Group, a plastic pet crate production/manufacturing business based in Queensland has been making quality commercial grade pet crates for pet transport for 15 years and supports many pet transport companies around the world relocate animals safely.

Simon’s passion and commitment to the safe relocation of animals is how his businesses have risen to well-respected industry leaders globally.

Derek HuntingtonDerek Huntington
IPATA Past President (2018-2021)
Company: Capital Pet Movers

Derek was born and raised in New York City but moved to Maryland in 1986. He attended college at Howard Community in Columbia, MD in pursuit of a degree in Music Education. In 1994, he came to the pet care industry and started as a driver transporting pets to and from residences and airports. During this time, he also started showing Dalmatians after he adopted his first dog, “Sterling”, from the breeder/owner of Shady Spring Kennels.

In 2002, he became active in pet and animal relocation and attended his 1st IPATA conference in Washington DC. After that, he began attending the IPATA conferences every year to continue learning. As the pet travel industry became busier, he saw that there was a need for an agent in the Washington DC area and began creating Capital Pet Movers. Derek was elected to the IPATA Board of Directors in 2008 and as IPATA President from 2015-2018.

Some of my goals are to promote safe air travel while educating the public, dispelling some of the myths of air travel and providing good tools of education for our members. Working together and understanding shipping worldwide is paramount to its success.

Hazel Imrie PETportHazel Imrie
IPATA President Elect (2018-2021)
Company: PETport

What started out as a school holiday job in 1995, helping out at her mom's pet transportation business in Durban, turned into the discovery of a lifelong passion and dedication towards growth and development within the pet relocation industry. It was here where Hazel started learning how to deal with clients, work out quotes and truly discover the foundations of the pet relocation building blocks and all it encompassed.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations, and her strong corporate background established while living in London for 9 years, the creation of PETport and its vision to ensure pets and owners are reunited through the course of their relocation was born.

Hazel has a deeply ingrained commitment to growth and development. She strongly believes in the goals and vision that started her on this journey and continues to share with and educate her staff members on excellence in delivery and certified experience within the industry, thereby guaranteeing the best experience to both humans and pets alike. As the slogan says.. “It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal!”

She has always been involved in pet rescue and has been a "failed foster mom" to many a needy animal, always welcoming a new soul into her home. This passion and care are also shown in her company PETport. Their constant work with assisting various rescue centers to place pets in their new forever homes throughout South Africa is one of the ways Hazel gives back to the community whilst setting PETport apart from the rest.

PETport has branches in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and many strongholds within the African Continent; PETport continues to be a provider of excellence in Pet Relocation through-out Africa and the globe.

Dr Gerry Pahl PetexportvetDr. Gerry Pahl
IPATA Secretary
Company: Petexportvet

Dr. Gerry Pahl is a professional veterinarian with over 25 years experience and Managing Director of one of Hong Kong's leading veterinary clinic chains. Raised on a farm in rural Victoria, Australia and surrounded by animals and family pets from a young age, his love of animals naturally influenced his career choice.

Dr. Pahl graduated from the University of Sydney in 1986 and has since worked as a Veterinary surgeon in Australia and the United Kingdom and has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 1997.

After more than a decade of providing Hong Kong Pet relocation companies with professional veterinary services as an integral part of pet relocation, the time came for Dr. Pahl’s own family pet to temporarily relocate to Australia. Naturally, he handled the relocation of his pet Dalmatian “Speckles” personally and with minimal impact on his family’s beloved pet. Very soon friends and then acquaintances of friends began to use his services for pet relocation to and from Hong Kong, and buoyed by the wonderful feedback, Dr. Pahl began PetExportVet in 2010 and has been offering pet relocation services ever since.

He has also been actively participating in Vet Panels at several International IPATA conferences as well as contributing as a member of the Snub-nosed dog Taskforce. Gerry has enjoyed the past three years serving on IPATA’S Board of Directors and being actively involved in ongoing professional development and education.

Dr. Gerry has a unique perspective on the Pet industry, particularly in the Asian region, and feels that his experience and knowledge can make a great contribution to IPATA’s future goals.

Dr Gerry Pahl PetexportvetDr. David Landers
IPATA Treasurer
Company: Airvets Pet Relocation

Dr. Landers knew from the young age of three that he had a passion for animals. His dream of working with animals was set in motion as declared he was going to be a zoologist. This dream was a short-lived, only lasting one year, as he decided at the ripe old age of four to become a veterinarian. The rest is history as David’s childhood was filled with many dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, sheep, goats, and pigs, just to name a few.

As a teenager, he worked for both veterinary clinics in his small town with the plan to move back one day and set up his own shingle. This didn’t happen, however, and he found himself moving to Fort Worth, TX to work in a seven-doctor practice seeing all manner of animals from dogs and cats to monkeys, miniature pigs, and camels!

From the time he graduated from vet school he had an odd attraction and aptitude for doing international health certificates. Little did he know that there was an entire industry of moving pets around the world. Once discovering the international pet shipping business he was hooked. Dr. Landers purchased his first clinic in July of 2006, merged that clinic with the current one, and started AirVets Pet Relocation in 2009.

Dr. David Landers is a 2003 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. His practice has a special interest in international import/export medicine, humanitarian medicine, feline medicine, and exotic animal medicine including a large number of species from birds, small mammals, and reptiles, to primates, large cats, and occasionally hoofstock like zebra and camels.

Dr. Landers currently lives in Dallas, TX with his stunning, talented wife, Jenn (guess who edited this bio) and son Ethan. He currently serves in the state military, the Texas State Guard and spends his spare time as the consulting veterinarian for Sea Life Aquariums in Grapevine, TX, as well as Air Canada.

In addition to his veterinary practice, Dr. Landers currently owns AirVets Pet Relocation, a Dallas, Texas-based company near DFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport that specializes in international relocation of pets and other animals.

IPATA Regional Directors

Joanne LimJoanne Lim
IPATA Regional Director, Asia / Oceania (2018-2021)
Company: Ricted Kennels

Working with animals has always been my calling from the moment I was old enough to differentiate a puppy from a kitten. Since I was ten, I earned my pocket money by cleaning boarding kennels for my father. I grew up among animals in a rustic and laid back farm. The first Ricted Kennels headquarters was situated in the farm. This is not the usual childhood of an average Singaporean kid. It is definitely a privilege for me, as I was able to spend hours playing with or just hanging out with the pets that were boarding at our pet boarding facilities. It was an integral part of my education to truly understanding and caring for them. It has also deepened my lifelong love for animals, thus converting me into a firm believer in our company's mission, which is “your pet is our priority”.

I started my career in pet relocation more than five years ago. It has been a crazy wonderful journey full of challenging relocating assignments, back to back deliveries and 24/7 customer relationship management, not lacking of bizarre pet owners with incredibly adorable pets.

From running errands for the Founder to orchestrating hundreds of moves a year; from a few basic sheds to 30 kennels and 17 catteries across Singapore and Bangkok offices, I have seen growth in myself and the company and am excited to devote myself in expanding our footprint across the region, along with our team of 11 staff.

My team and fellow colleagues in the industry generally know me as a person who is genuine, always on the ball and fun loving. I love to play mahjong (Chinese card game) and monopoly for leisure, both of which has a common denominator that requires players to have good strategic thinking, acute situational awareness and accurate judgment in the timing and placement of resources to win the game.

That helps me to develop these skills which I believe would allow me to bring value to the IPATA members in the Asia and Oceania Region. If elected, I look forward to serving on the IPATA Board of Directors as the Regional Director for the Asia and Oceania Region.

Jim Davies Snoopy PetsJim Davies
IPATA Regional Director, Middle East/Africa Region (2017-2020)
Company: Snoopy Pets LLC

A pet owner for most of his life, Jim is originally from Manchester in the UK. He has experience working all around the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. With a background in Outdoor Media and operational management, he has previously specialized in the development of start-up companies and for over 30 years has worked with Government and Municipalities in both the UK and the Middle East.

In 2013 Jim, along with his wife Lindsey who was already working for Snoopy Pets, decided to buy the company and build their own dream. The first decision they made was to have the company join IPATA and engage in the standards and ethics of the organization. Since joining he has attended all international and some regional conferences.

Originally from a little shop doing relocation they now have two offices in the UAE and independent, kennels, cattery, pet taxi, and grooming services.

In such a multicultural, environmentally demanding and transit location, our ongoing challenges are to educate and promote safe relocation in all modes of pet transport both internationally and throughout the UAE.

Jack RussoNick Foden-Ellis
IPATA Regional Director, Europe (2015-2016, 2016-2019)
Company: Starwood Animal Transport Ltd. UK

Nick was born and raised in England, but with a father in the oil industry has lived as far afield as Scotland, the USA, the UAE, France, Germany, Hong Kong & Australia to name just a few countries.

Pet mad from an early age, Nick finally moved in to pet relocation in 2011 and immediately attended IPATA Hong Kong to learn as much as he could as quickly as possible. Nick joined Starwood Animal Transport Ltd (UK) in May 2014 as co-owner and chief dog runner!

Nick is a firm believer in the goals of IPATA as the professional body representing our great industry. Having previously served on the Awards Committee, Nick is honored to have been selected to serve as the Regional Director for the EU

Bruno Mansueto Worldwide Animal TravelBruno Mansueto
IPATA Regional Director, The Americas (2017-2020)
Company: Worldwide Animal Travel

Bruno Mansueto, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1985 with a DIP. Of TECH in Transportation Management. Upon graduating, Bruno relocated to Toronto and began working with a small freight forwarder as a junior in their export department; transferring back to Vancouver in 1987, continuing to build experience as a freight forwarder until 1988 at which time Bruno was hired on as a cargo agent with KLM.

During his time with KLM, he was introduced to the transport of live cargo including small animals, blood stock and livestock. After 9 years he took his live cargo background and joined a freight forwarder under an 18-month contract transporting livestock by air from Canada to Japan and Germany.

Contract work continued with Lufthansa in Vancouver and various other airlines, ultimately leading to the formation of Worldwide Animal Travel in 1998. Since then, this small organization has expanded to include 12 employees and two offices in Canada.

IPATA Directors at Large

Cory Baizan RobinetteCory Baizen Robinette
Director at Large, IPATA (2016-2019)
Company: Air Animal Pet Movers

Cory graduated from the University of South Florida / Tampa with a Bachelor Science in Zoology. She worked in the Conservation Education Department at Busch Gardens/Tampa talking with guests about various animals via the sidewalk program, setting up the Summer Kids Camp sessions and running the petting zoo.

Cory started at Air Animal in February 1990 at the front desk reception area working mainly on the Woolf Animal Hospital side while assisting her colleague with USA domestic pet moves. After a short break and implementing a children's summer camp program at the Lowery Park Zoon/Tampa, she returned to Air Animal reception on the veterinary hospital side, domestic moves, and international moves. From 2007 onwards, Cory became the Office Manager at Air Animal Pet Movers and continued working on Corporate Global International Pet Relocations on a full-time basis.

Cory's priority is getting pets to their new homes safe and sound with as little stress on them and their parents as possible. She takes care of her two cats Catillac and Kramer and loves visits from her grand dog Bentley and grand cat Ezio whenever possible!

With extensive experience of 29 years in pet relocations all over the world and relationships in the global market, Cory is a benefit for IPATA's future goals and progress.

GinaGina Nam
IPATA Director at Large (2018-2021)
Company: The First Class Pet

I am a mom of five cats and five dogs, sometimes called a crazy lady in Korea!

Right before graduation of college, I was looking for a job related to animals but our country was not as developed for the pet industry at the time, and I had very limited choices. I was hired by one of the big pet food companies but it was not the job what I dreamed of.

I kept job searching for companies that deal with pets but it was not easy. easy. I was hopeless, and eventually, I gave up trying to find a pet company that I truly wanted to work for. Then one day I went to a company for an interview, thinking that this was going to be my last interview before my graduation. The company was a freight forwarding company and when opened the front door, I saw a little poodle! I asked one of the employees if the dog belongs to the company and she said, “We even ship pets overseas.” I thought, “YAY! God bless me! This must be the job I dreamed of!”

I was really excited to hear that, did well on the interview, and finally I was hired. I was really happy to work for that company as a team manager for about seven years but since the company was freight forwarding company, I could not only focus on pets.

After seven years of gaining knowledge and experience, I established my own business, The First Class Pet in January of 2011, to focus on pet travel only and I am currently working on US military base in Seoul for pet boarding and travel arrangements. Also, I’ve received a great opportunity to work for IPATA from 2014, and I have really enjoyed serving the members in our region!

My first IPATA conference was back in 2006, in San Francisco. I remember we only had three members from Asia region back then, but now Asia is one of the biggest regions in IPATA! I am so glad to see the growth, and we hope to keep this good relationship to make the pet shipping industry better together.

KarolineKaroline Brewer
IPATA Director at Large (2018-2021)
Company: Airpets America

Born in Germany and raised as an Army Brat, I have traveled all over the world and to most of the 50 United States. As a child I wanted to be a veterinarian and would bring home every manner of rescued stray animal. My family treated our dogs and cats as part of the family and they always traveled to our next destination with us. As I grew, I realized I couldn’t stand seeing an injured or suffering animal, so the idea of vet school diminished.

After High School in Northern Japan, I vowed to live in a warm climate so I attended college in Arizona for my Bachelor’s degree then moved to Florida after graduation. I spent the next 15 years building a career in the real estate industry, advancing my education and continuing to travel for work.

I never lost my passion for animals and have always owned rescued cats and dogs. In 2001, I discovered doggie daycare for my pooch Peanut and fell in love with the industry. After that, I had my goal. I saved my money and made a plan. In 2008, I married a wonderful man who supports and encourages my dreams and we moved to Texas to be close to family and raise our children.

I met Past IPATA President Dr. Dale Hodgson in 2009 while looking to either buy or start a pet boarding facility that would fulfill my dream of working with animals. We soon became fast friends and I purchased the boarding and pet transportation business from him. He had opened the boarding facility in 1980 and started shipping pets in 2003, so he became my mentor and taught me so much about running a boarding facility and transporting pets.

I joined IPATA in May of 2009 when I purchased Airpets America and found myself traveling to Dublin in September. So many people welcomed me with open arms and helped me understand the true value of IPATA. I was in awe of the organization and the amazing people involved then, and each year I am astounded by the growth and progress that I see.

I have a passion for knowledge and a good head for business and feel the experience and education I have acquired over the past nine years in our industry will help me to further the goals of IPATA. I am currently acting Chairperson for the Awards Committee and hope to help sponsor a fun-filled and educational 2018 Conference in Melbourne.