Silent Auction

Let's have some fun! Join in the fun with the annual Silent Auction. Each year the items donated vary so the "offerings" are never quite the same. Items may range from company promotional products to local arts and crafts, perhaps bottles of liquor or wine, or even specialty chocolates!

How to participate

  • Bring something unique from your area of the world (a craft item, painting, jewelry, etc.) OR a voucher / certificate (like an airline ticket!) redeemable for "goods." In other words, anything of value!
  • The item needs to be easily transportable since you will have to bring it with you to the conference and the highest bidder will be taking it home. These auction items can be one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself or someone special.
  • Items donated will be displayed during the meeting along with a bid sheet. All bidders will write down their bids on the bid sheet. At the auction’s close, the highest bid on the sheet will win the bidding and take home the item.
  • The winning bidder takes home the item at the end of the conference.

So start planning now what you would like to bring today!