IPATA Membership Criteria

Implemented by IPATA’s Board of Directors, December 4, 2008

  1. It is agreed that it is my responsibility to continuously meet the licensing, business, and insurance requirements of my home country, state/province and city; that failure to meet these requirements may result in my IPATA membership being revoked.
  2. I agree to follow the IATA standards for shipping and handling of animals which includes following the IATA recommendations regarding tranquilization, crating, care and handling during air transport.
  3. I agree to follow the animal welfare regulations of my country and the destination countries of my shipments as it relates to the care and handling of animals during transport.
  4. I understand that, as a member in good standing, I may display the IPATA MEMBER logo on my promotional materials and website. Provisional members may NOT display the IPATA MEMBER logo until after their provisional year is completed and they have been converted to an Active Member Status. I understand that IPATA does not “endorse” any IPATA member and that IPATA has the right to require changes to any promotional materials or website that incorrectly makes reference to the relationship between IPATA and a member. If my company status changes, through termination of membership or non-payment of dues, and I am no longer a current member of IPATA, I understand that it will be my responsibility to remove the IPATA MEMBER logo and reference to IPATA membership from my website and promotional materials immediately.
  5. It is understood that each IPATA company is individually owned and operated. As such, each is responsible for establishing their own business practices related to policies, pricing, payment terms and customer service.
    1. Each member is responsible for resolving complaints directly with clients or other IPATA members.
    2. If complaints are filed directly with IPATA, the member will be notified of the complaint so that it can be resolved either through direct negotiation with the complaining party or through appropriate legal channels.
  6. It is understood that the membership status of a current member may be referred to the Ethics Committee for violations of the above Membership Criteria, the Code of Ethics or the By-Laws and membership may be revoked or other appropriate penalties applied for just cause.