Feathers and Fur Express is a small family-owned business and one of the most affordable pet shippers in the industry.

Each of our Team Members has a Fur Baby of their Own, so We Understand Exactly How Much Your Pet Means to You.

Our company will take the care and time needed to explain everything to you step by step. Your experience will be personalized, and we will ensure your pet arrives safely at the destination. When you book with us, you get a personal pet travel agent experience.

As a small business with less overhead, we can offer more affordable rates to our clients. We also offer discounts between $200-$600 for military members to show our appreciation for their service. With our company, you will get the best value for your money. Check out our reviews on Facebook and Google to see and interact with our community and previous clients.

FFExpress Ships Pets

Why Choose Feather and Fur Express?

Knowing that travelling is not a pleasant experience for some pets, our company aims to make this process as comfortable as possible. We always chose the fastest route with the least stops. Reuniting you with your pet as fast and as safe as we can is our brand.

When you book with us you can rest assured you will be reunited with your loved ones. If something goes wrong, all hands-on deck until we figure out a solution. Troubleshooting is our strength. We will get your pet to your destination.

Today, our company consists of 5 team members and is growing. We can ship pets from anywhere in the US to anywhere across the globe. If there is a way to get there, we will find it.

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What Can Feathers and Fur Express Offer?

  • Here are some of the services we offer when shipping your pet internationally:
  • Travel consultation, planning, and flight reservations
  • Coordination and communication for health requirements and documentation
  • Pre-completion of the correct health certificate for the country of import
  • USDA endorsement of health certificate
  • Local and long-distance ground transport delivery to and from the airport
  • Meet at the airport facility for flight check-in when pet pickup is not needed
  • Customs clearance at destination
  • Home Delivery at destination
  • Airline-approved travel crate that meets all IATA and USDA regulations, including bowls, stickers, and absorbent bedding
  • Boarding reservations

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Traveling on Military Orders?

We offer the industry’s highest military discounts. If you are moving on active duty, we offer a $500 discount on your move. We are thankful for the freedom we enjoy here in our country. We support our troops and our civilian personnel in the military.

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You can find us on Facebook, Google and our website. Thank you taking the time to know a little more about us and pet travel. We hope to work with you soon.

Till then, safe travels