BLISS Pet Services Keeping Families Together 7 Countries in Europe

Moving abroad? Choose the Best, Safest, more Comfortable First Class journey for your Best Friend!

It must surely be a very delicate and frustrating situation the one in which you leave your four-legged friend – a piece of your heart, with whom you have shared games, smiles and many experiences – far away from you. Besides being an inseparable friend, your pet is also, in all respects, a member of your family.

Here are some Good News for You!

Although it is possible to transfer your pet abroad, this does not mean that it might not be complicated. Travel documents, certificates, planning of the shipment, are just a few of the difficulties you will have to face for the organization of your pet’s journey.

While surfing on the internet, you must have surely come across some airline companies, shippers or couriers that offer a “shipping service for animals”.

We imagine that all the solutions you came across have not reassured you enough… In fact, who can assure you that your pet will be fine? What will be its travel conditions? Will you have a reference person with whom you will be able to interface during the entire journey? Who will handle all the necessary paperwork?

What you need in this situation is someone who IS NOT “a courier” or a “generic freight forwarder”, someone who does not treat your pet as “general cargo”…

You need someone who takes you by the hand throughout the entire journey, who guarantees Safety, Reliability and ZERO Stress to you and your pet, someone who loves animals just as you do and who can assure you with the proper assistance in every situation, 24/7!

Because, after all… we are talking about your Best Friend.
Doesn’t it deserve the same treatment as you?

Luckily, there is a solution for all of this. The solution for your worldwide Pet Relocation, Bliss Pet Services!

Shipping pets all over the world ispossible with Bliss Pet Services

BLISS Pets is a Pet Shipping Company, HQ based the Eternal City of Rome, Italy, with local full and 100% operations all over the world, specialized in the international transportation of Pets, worldwide!

And here are some features of our organization:

  • We are present in the main international airports all over the world!
  • Bliss Pets is the only company which owns a ISO 9001:2015 quality certification exclusively for Pet Relocation services. No one else has that important certification in the countries we serve;
  • The founder and managing director has an active position in the IPATA association;
  • Our STAFF has obtained the IATA Certificate for Live Animals Regulations;
  • The percentage of satisfied clients of all our European Offices is equal to 98%.

Making a pet travel should not mean just moving your pet from one country to another, but guaranteeing it the best possible journey, with the highest comfort and safety standards and, at the same time, the maximum tranquility and peace of mind for you!

This is why BLISS’s objective is to offer a service strongly oriented towards its needs thanks to the passion, love and respect we have for animals, in addition to our professionality and expertise.

Choosing Bliss, you will soon be able to re-embrace your friend safe and sound!

9 Benefits for You in choosing Bliss Pet Services, your Best Worldwide Partner:

  1. We are animal lovers: to us, their welfare is the most important thing;
  2. Pet Relocation is our only profession;
  3. We boast high service standards in all the countries we serve;
  4. We only use the best carriers;
  5. We offer each client their own Pet Travel Specialist who will follow the whole process from A to Z, 24/7;
  6. Bliss Pets staff is present in every airport where pets can fly into and out of;
  7. We offer Bliss World Gateway, an online platform where you will find information and useful tools to monitor your Pet’s journey
  8. We are the only pet shipping company to offer a Protection Plan for your Pet’s Travel;
  9. Most airlines will not deal with Pet Owners directly, but advise to deal with a specialist!

Moreover, you can read many reviews on our internet site and our facebook page, left by the many daddies and mommies who have chosen Bliss for their furry friends’ journeys worldwide.

At this point, you have surely understood that Bliss Pet Services is the best choice for your Pet Relocation towards any destination.

It’s time to book a First Class ticket for your Best Friend. Choose the best TODAY, choose Bliss Pets and ask for our unique quote!