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Experience First-Class Pet Relocation with Bliss Pet Services!

Moving abroad and worried about your furry friend's journey? Choose the best, safest, and most comfortable First-Class experience for your four-legged companion with Bliss Pet Services!

Why Choose Bliss Pet Services?

Leaving your pet behind during a move can be heart-wrenching. Bliss Pet Services understands that your pet is more than just a companion; they are family. We bring you good news – transferring your pet abroad is now stress-free!

The Challenges of Pet Relocation:

Transferring your pet involves complexities like travel documents, certificates, and shipment planning. You've likely encountered numerous options online, but how do you ensure your pet's safety, travel conditions, and proper paperwork handling? You need more than just a generic courier or freight forwarder; you need Bliss Pet Services.

Why Bliss Pet Services?

Bliss Pet Services is not just a pet shipping company; we are your five-star travel agency for your four-legged friends. Headquartered in the Eternal City of Rome, Italy, we specialize in global pet transportation. Our mission is to ensure your pets travel with comfort, safety, and protection.

Bliss Pet Services Features:

✅ Global Presence: Operating in major international airports worldwide ensures a seamless pet relocation experience.

✅ Certified Excellence: We own an integrated HQSE ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 system exclusively for Pet Relocation services.

✅ Industry Leadership: Our founder is actively involved in the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)

✅ Expert Staff: Certified in IATA Live Animals Regulations, our team prioritizes your pet's well-being.

✅ Satisfied Clients: 98% satisfaction rate from our European offices.

✅ CSR Initiatives: We're deeply involved in CSR projects, supporting biodiversity, reducing CO2, and promoting DE&I integration.

✅ Comprehensive Services: Beyond pet relocation, we offer services for the global mobility process, including household goods, relocation, and immigration.

✅ Eco-Awards: Recognized for sustainability efforts by Ecovadis and ARA – Asian Relocation Association.

✅ Numbers and Data: Over 15 years of activity, 47% revenue growth, 4,500+ families relocated, 2,500+ pets relocated, and high satisfaction rates.

Watch Our Video: Get a glimpse of the exceptional care Bliss Pet Services provides for your pets.

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The Certainties of Bliss Pets

  • Credibility: A trusted name in the market;

  • Proven Track Record: More than 10 years of successful pet relocation experience.

  • Expert Staff: Qualified and IATA-LAR certified professionals who are also pet owners.

  • Customer Communication: Stay informed with continuous updates and proactive feedback.

  • Exclusive Services: Tailored solutions for your pet's unique needs.

  • Industry Associations: Proud members of international pet transportation associations.

  • Five-Star Pet Resort: Our exclusive facility, managed by canine and feline educators, ensures the highest standards of care.

Read Reviews: Visit our website and Facebook page to read testimonials from pet parents worldwide who have chosen Bliss for their furry friends' journeys.

Choose Bliss Pet Services: Your Best Pet Relocation Choice! It's time to book a First-Class ticket for your best friend. Choose the best today – choose Bliss Pets and request our unique quote