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Are you moving to a foreign country and you don’t know what to do to take your four-legged family member with you?

Moving a pet abroad is not a “mission impossible”, however, it can be quite complicated to accomplish: customs regulations change from country to country and lots of documents and certificates are often required to import a pet in a specific country.

Your four-legged friend is, by all means, a member of your family. This is why he deserves the same treatment that you would wish to receive: travel safely, in comfort and being assisted by professionals. This is what makes it necessary to choose a reliable partner that is able to fulfill any needs and always make you feel safe.

At this point, the main question to ask yourself is:

“How do I choose the best partner to relocate my beloved pet?”

By doing some online research you will have already read words such as “shipment” or “transport”. As a matter of fact the travel of your pet will follow the procedures typical of a shipment: although in this case we are talking about a different kind of “goods”. In pet relocation you are moving your best friend, not a box or a piece of furniture!

Some Italian operators are freight forwarders who recently also started to handle pets relocations. Do not make the mistake to entrust the first company you find online, nor the cheapest.

The difference between a specialist and an ordinary freight forwarder is that a specialist knows how to handle every single situation concerning the relocation of your pet.

Look for information, read testimonials, do some research, call to test the speed and readiness in the answers, you need a specialist, not an ordinary freight forwarder!

Why choose Bliss Pet Services, then?

Read the advantages in choosing the number 1 in Italy:

  • Pet relocation is our only profession
  • We are animal lovers: to us, their welfare is the most important thing
  • Our success comes from our clients’ satisfaction. Nothing makes us happier than receiving testimonials and feedback from our happy customers.
  • We only use the best IATA approved travel carriers
  • We offer each client their own Pet Travel Specialist who will follow the whole process from A to Z, 24/7
  • Bliss Pets staff is present in every Italian airport where pets can fly into and out of
  • We offer the exclusive BLISS World Gateway™, an online platform where you will find information and useful tools to monitor the travel of your best friend in real time
  • We are the only pet shipping company to offer a Protection Plan for your pet’s travel
  • Most airlines will not deal with pet owners directly, they will ask to deal with a specialist

Our philosophy is focused on the awareness that shipping pets to a foreign country, does not only mean to physically move them from one place to another; instead, it means dealing with many essential aspects to ensure high levels of comfort and safety during each step of their travel.

This is why we have carefully worked on each little aspect of our organization:

  • Our STAFF has obtained the IATA certificate for Live Animals Regulations
  • 95% of satisfied clients
  • BLISS Pet Services is active in Europe serving the following countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland.
  • BLISS Pets is the only pet shipping company ISO 9001:2008 certified in Italy
  • Our Founder and President actively participates in the Board of the IPATA association

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