Air Animal Inc Pet Moving Services

How We Began:

Air Animal shipping Astro to MoscowAnimal Transportation Worldwide began with an idea. Kyle Gray worked a side-job transporting various miscellaneous items from a third-party shipping website. From prosthetic legs to wheelchairs, he shipped it all. One day, he received a request to transport a veteran’s dog. He took excellent care of the dog while shipping him, making sure the dog remained comfortable during the process. When he finally reached the veteran’s house, the veteran was overjoyed over how well Kyle took care of his fur-friend. After the veteran explained how he wished all animal shipping companies were as great as Kyle, an idea simmered in Kyle’s head to create the best animal transportation company in North America.

What We Do:

At ATW, our main mission is to get your pets to their destination safely and comfortably. We constantly aim to not only follow industry standards but to exceed them. With cutting-edge vans, transportation specialists, and a dedicated focus on providing superior customer care, we have grown to be the industry leader in both domestic and international animal transportation and pet shipping. Our number one policy is to make sure we treat your pet like our own.

How We Transport Your Pet:

At ATW, we offer three great ground transportation services for your pet. Our first service, PetConomy, aims to transport your pet at the lowest price, but it still offers the comfort of 24/7 contact with drivers, door-to-door transportation, and photo and video updates. Our next service, PetExpress, offers extra benefits like GPS tracking, pet protection, and 1 dog walk per day. Our most luxurious service, PetFirst Class, gives you the advantage of having two pet transportation specialists taking care of your pet. This service allows your pet to arrive 150% faster than any other ground transportation service. ATW is also proud to offer air transportation for all your pets.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

With our 4.8 ratings on Google and 4.9 ratings on Facebook, our customers know why we are the best. One of our customers said, "Your company is so dedicated to the quality of your services,” and we agree. We go far beyond any other company with customer satisfaction because we love pets and people.

Expanding and Growing:

Animal Enterprise Worldwide has expanded to offer MyPetsChip and MyNextPup.

At MyPetsChip, we offer a microchip and pet management system for all your pets. We provide safety and peace of mind to owners, resellers, and shelters. Our membership includes access to 24/7 recovery specialists, so you can count on us to protect your precious pets. We have expanded to include pet recovery transport for over 100 miles, so your dog or cat will never be lost for long.

At MyNextPup, we work to provide the newest puppy member of your family. We only work with USDA Licensed Breeders, and all our breeders need to pass our own “MyNextPup 5 Star Breeder Inspection.” Our inspection process is more rigorous than the USDA. Some of our basic requirements include:

  • Human interaction every day
  • Free running area with grass or turf
  • Veterinary Inspection at eight weeks
  • Mother and Father of the puppy must be on location
  • Only one litter per year per female
  • The Pups, Mother, and Father must eat dog food from our list of high-quality foods.
  • Kennels need to be twice the size of the USDA requirements, must be connected to indoor and outdoor sources, and kennels need to be made of easy to clean material.

Air Animal shipping Astro to MoscowTherefore, MyNextPup works to bring you the healthiest puppies so that when you adopt a new family member, you know that you made the right choice.

In all our offerings, animal safety exceeds any other concerns. If you want to work with only the best, consider us at Animal Enterprise Worldwide.

We are always happy to serve our customers.

Air Animal shipping Astro to Moscow