The war in Ukraine is an event, which has upturned the lives of many millions of people and their pets throughout this region.

The European Commission has strongly advised member states to cut red tape for Ukrainian citizens fleeing from the war to safety in the EU with their pet animals.

IPATA has members throughout the globe who are able to assist with the repatriation, evacuation, and importation of domestic pets affected by the turmoil.


Is “IPATA” Shipping a Pet to You?

Have you been told that “IPATA” is shipping a pet to you?
Do you have a receipt from “IPATA” covering payment for a puppy or for shipping?

If so, this is a SCAM!

IPATA is an association of professional pet shippers.
IPATA does NOT ship pets; our members ship pets but under their own company name.

There is no legitimate pet shipping company with “IPATA” or “ipata” in their name.

If you see a company using the IPATA name, please report it to
For more information on pet scams go to

Online Puppy Scams Rose Sharply in 2020
Scammers victimize American consumers at an alarming rate, read the recommendations by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Find the full report HERE

Shipping a Dog, Cat or Other Pet?

There is no single checklist because every pet is different and unique. But IPATA can help.
Here are some FAQs to get you started.

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