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Before emailing IPATA . . .

Please refer to the frequently asked questions we've received from those that wish to ship a pet. If you still have questions, the quickest way to get an answer is to contact any one of our members listed on our website. For your convenience, we've included their telephone, fax and email addresses. As professional pet shippers, any of them will be able to answer your questions or will be able to refer you to someone that can.

Because each move has lots of variables, it is not possible for IPATA's administrative office to provide information that would apply specifically to your shipment.

Costs are determined by the size and weight of the dog, the city of origin and destination plus any additional services that you request (such as pickup and deliver from/to your home, quarantine arrangements in the foreign country, veterinary health certificates, consularization and import licenses). After answering the questions of an experienced professional, they will be able to calculate the total cost for them to handle the shipment for you.

Importing country requirements change constantly as do the airlines' requirements and the status of embargoes. Again, only those actively involved in shipping pets will have the latest details.

If you have an emergency and need someone to ship your pet within the next few days, please realize that most shipments take a certain period of time to organize. Again, your best way to get a quick answer is to personally contact any one of our members.

Shipping a pet? To ship a pet go to our Find a Pet Shipper page and search online for a pet shipper!

IPATA: +1 903-769-2267

For any OTHER questions, feel free to email IPATA and we'll respond at our earliest convenience.

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