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Looking to adopt a pet, but don't want to be scammed? IPATA is here for you. Many potential pet owners are scammed through craigslist pets, email scams, buying dogs online, scam websites, and pet travel scammers. Here is a list of known pet scammer emails and websites that have been reported to IPATA over the last year. Also see our lists from previous years.

2017 Pet Scammers List | 2016 Pet Scammers List | 2015 Pet Scammers List

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**In no way is this a complete list of pet scammers, please see our Pet Scams page to identify other warning signs that can help you avoid an online scam when you adopt a pet.

Websites, Email Addresses, Names And Telephone Numbers Reported As Scams in 2018

(To find a scammer on this list, hold down the CTRL key and click on "F" or right click. A search box will appear at the upper right. Try typing in just part of the address to see all possible variations.)

Updated Date: 1/31/18 Printable PDF of Pet Scam List

Most Recently Reported Pet Scam Websites Sites and Pet Email Scams Email Addresses**


2017 Scams List

2017 Pet Scammers List | 2016 Pet Scammers List | Identify a Pet Scam | Online Pet Buying Tips

To report a scam to IPATA please forward an email from the fake advertiser/seller to so they can be added to our current Scams List.

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