Company Name Location
Ship Your Pets United States, Alaska, Anchorage
Off Phone: +1 907 885-2767 Primary Airport: ANC
After Hours: +1 719 502-7042 Secondary Airport: DEN
Special Services Provided:

Daily Photo Updates, Advanced Airline Routing Ground Transport Service Areas:
Business Category: Pet Shipper (providing ground & air transportation services) Services Provided In-House: CC, KN, LD, PU/D
Services that can be Arranged: BD, CB, FF, GR, GTO, IMP/EXP, KC, QR, VS
Animals Handled: BR, DC, EX, FS, HS, LB
Member Since: 2021

Each company lists the services they personally PROVIDE IN HOUSE and the services they CAN ARRANGE on your behalf. Each company also lists the type of animals they most often ship though generally they can handle other types of animals upon request.

BD: Boarding CC: Accepts Major Credit Cards BR: Birds
GR: Grooming KC: Custom / Modified Kennels DC: Dogs & Cats
KN: Standard Size Airline Kennels LD: Long Distance Road Transport EX: Exotics
PU/D: Local Pick-Up and Delivery QR: Government Approved Quarantine Facility FS: Fish
VS: Laboratories & Veterinary Services IMP/EXP: Import/Export Services LB: Lab Animals
FF: Freight Forwarder CB: Customs Broker LV: Livestock (small)
    OTH: Other
    HS: Horses