Visitors to the USA may need a valid passport with blank pages, and some visitors may also need a visa.

Click here to see if you need a visa or are exempt.

All 2019 conference attendees are encouraged to submit a visa letter of invitation when applying for a visa to USA. We have set up an automatic visa letter request form for members to expedite this process. Visa Letter Request Form - must login as member for the form to display

The Visa process can be time consuming. It is URGENT that you apply as soon as possible. Steps for applying include/ but may not be limited to:

If you have any further needs or concerns, please feel free to contact us at .

If you are experiencing problems acquiring your visa, please contact for further help.

* We encourage attendees to make their hotel reservations early and register early. If visas do not come through in time, the hotel allows for cancellation up to 72 hours prior to arrival time with no penalty and 72 to 24 hours prior with a one nights reservation cancelation fee. IPATA conference registration fees are refundable up to 30 days prior with just a $50 cancellation fee.