Shipping Animals and Pets with IPATA members

Flying with a pet? Moving a pet by air travel or ground transport?

Your pet is an important part of your family. Having a professional pet shipper to fly or transport your pet will take the guess work out of what can be a very complicated procedure.  IPATA members are professional pet shippers located in more than 80 countries and they work together to move your pet safely and relocated to anywhere in the world. They have years of experience to move your much loved pet to a new home. IPATA members are "The Pet Shipping ExpertsTM" 

Find a Pet Shipper who flys pets and animalsIPATA member companies that move pets by
air transport services & may also assist with
ground transportation.
Ground buttonIPATA member companies that move
pets by ground specializing in
transporting animals by road; locally, long
distance or country wide.

Below are some frequently asked questions people have about moving a pet. There is no single checklist for "how to ship a pet", there are many different factors to consider for every move. Each pet is different and each pet relocation is going to be unique! Choosing a professional pet shipper can reduce stress for you and your pet and can help make your pet relocation seamless.  
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    1. Do I have to join IPATA to ship my pet?

    2. What do I need to know when planning a pet move?

    3. Why use a Professional Pet Shipper?

    4. Are there required immunizations & tests?

    5. What documents are required?

    6. Shipping a pet... how hard can it be?

    7. IATA regulations. What are IATA regulations? Do they affect shipping my pet?

    8. Airlines that accept pets to ship. Why can't I just get a crate, and take my pet to the airport?

    9. Crates... what is the big deal?

    10. Country Regulations for pets. What does that mean and why is it important?

    11. Quarantine. What is that?

Disclaimer: Each member company is individually owned and operated; therefore, the services they provide will vary from member to member. As privately owned companies, each sets their own policies, procedures and fee schedules. The level of pet shipping experience varies from member to member and each is individually responsible for the services they provide. IPATA is neither liable nor responsible for the performance or accuracy of information supplied by its members. IPATA cannot provide pet transportation advice concerning your pet's transport and/or relocation needs. You need to consult with an IPATA member by searching the IPATA member's directory at


Watch this video
and see why it's important to use a pet shipping expert who is a member of IPATA.

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